Cataracts are one of the most common conditions among older adults. A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye. While they are slow growing, they can eventually grow large enough to decrease vision. Cataracts develop for a number of reasons, including aging, UV exposure, diabetes, and other eye disease.

Cataracts decrease vision and may cause night driving issues. Once your vision becomes seriously impaired, the only treatment is surgery.

If you are a candidate for cataract surgery, the Boca Raton optometrists at We Are Eyes can perform your pre- and post-op care. We will co-manage your pre- and post-op care with the wonderful team at SightTrust Eye Institute, South Florida’s leaders in refractive eye care.

Cataract Surgery Pre-Op Evaluation

Our optometrists will evaluate your affected eye(s) to make sure you are a candidate for cataract surgery. We will check for the presence of any other eye diseases and measure the size and shape of your eye to determine the type of lens implant (intraocular lens, or IOL) you will need.

We will explain the many different kinds of IOLs available so that you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and your specific visual needs. We will also prescribe antibiotic and anti-inflammation eye drops to use prior to surgery.

Bladeless Cataract Surgery

We partner with SightTrust Eye Institute in Sunrise, Florida, because they are one of the first 50 centers in the United States to offer the LenSx all-laser cataract system.

In traditional cataract surgery, the eye surgeon makes incisions with a steel or diamond blade, and then uses an ultrasound probe to break apart the cataract. The LenSx laser, however, is a completely bladeless cataract procedure that creates the most precise incisions possible. After removing the cataract, the surgeon will implant a clear intraocular lens (IOL).

The LenSx laser can also treat astigmatism. Its ability to combine laser vision correction and cataract surgery means that you may never need eyeglasses or contact lenses again.

Cataract Surgery Post-Op Evaluation

We will see you the day after surgery to make sure there are no complications, then again one week after surgery. After that, we recommend follow-up visits at one month and six months after surgery to monitor your healing progress. While many people experience clear vision within several hours after cataract surgery, complete healing usually takes about 8-10 weeks.

If you need cataract surgery, turn to We Are Eyes in Boca Raton, Florida, for your pre- and post-op care. Call us at (561) 912-3211 for your pre-op appointment or use our online appointment request form.