Want to enhance your eyes? From longer eyelashes to brighter eyes with a sparkle or even a different color, We Are Eyes in Boca Raton, Florida offers a collection of cosmetic eye care products.


Want longer, fuller, darker eye lashes? Latisse is a prescription treatment for people with inadequate lashes. Latisse works by affecting the growth phase of the eyelash cycle. It is believed to increase the number of hairs in the growth phase as well as their length. Latisse is applied at night to the base of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid and results are usually seen at 8 weeks (maximum results at 12-16 weeks).

Latisse can cause a decrease in intraocular pressure, skin hyperpigmentation, increased iris pigmentation, and potential allergic reactions. Since Latisse is a prescription medication, we require any potential clients to have a comprehensive eye examination. Established patients may obtain a prescription after a brief consultation, including an anterior eye evaluation and intraocular pressure measurement.

We will document your overall improvement in lash appearance with pictures of your lashes both before and after treatment.

Ready to get started? Call We Are Eyes today at (561) 912-3211 or use our online form to request an appointment with Boca Raton optometrist Dr. Erin Weston.

Colored Contact Lenses

Do you have brown eyes but wish they were green? Why not give your desired color a try with our collection of colored contact lenses? We have the most popular brands, such as Ciba Vision FreshLook and Air Optix contact lenses, made with a unique, smooth surface that blends three natural colors into one.

Please remember that you will need a prescription for colored contact lenses, even if you do not need vision correction.

Beauty Lenses

Maybe you don’t want to change your eye color, but you simply want to enhance it. Can you do this? Yes you can! With AcuVue’s 1-day Define contact lenses, your eye color will be naturally enhanced with a sparkle, shimmer, or shine everyone will think is natural.

AcuVue Define comes in three enhancing designs:

  • Natural Sparkle
  • Natural Shimmer
  • Natural Shine

Available as prescription and non-prescription beauty lenses, these are extremely comfortable contacts that you wear for a day and throw away at night.